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Full titles and abbreviations, mailing address, e-mail address for directing information users’ inquiries and acquiring requested information, telephone numbers of the reference service

Full title: Federal Service for Technical and Export Control

Short title: FSTEC of Russia

Mailing address and physical address: 17, Staraya Basmannaya St., 105066, Moscow

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone numbers:

duty officer of FSTEC of Russia

(499) 261-16-34
(495) 696-49-04 (fax)

records management (incoming letters)

(495) 696-41-63

on issues of placement of foreign technical surveillance and control tools

(499) 261-18-20

on issues of international military and technical cooperation

(495) 696-78-30

on issues of technical information protection

(499) 263-27-78

on issues of licensing in the sphere of technical information protection

(495) 632-14-48
(495) 693-68-68

on issues of certification of information protection tools in accordance to information security requirements

(495) 693-68-72

on issues of export control

(495) 606-14-73

on issues of reconcilement of the training, re-training and advanced training program for specialists engaged in the sphere of information security assurance in key systems of information infrastructure, technical intelligence countermeasures and technical information protection

(499) 263-27-74

on personnel issues

(499) 263-27-49